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Ethereum Developer API

Web 3 dev tools

Alethio Blockchain API

Build robust, reliable Ethereum-powered products faster.

Get access to synthesized, indexed blockchain data in real-time. Make more informed decisions based on meaningful on-chain activity & analytics.

Alethio Blockchain API

Ethereum Blockchain Analytics

Real-time alerts

Blockchain Monitoring

Monitor smart contract transactions, event logs and account holdings.

Get access to real-time metrics based on on-chain activity and analytics. Set up alerts that tell you want you need to know.

Blockchain Monitoring

Explore the blockchain

Alethio Explorer

Discover, filter and analyze data on blocks, smart contracts, transactions and accounts.

You can explore the Ethereum Mainnet, a Testnet or you can deploy our open-source Lite Explorer for your own private network.

Alethio Explorer

Get the big picture

Blockchain Reporting

Create analytical reports based on the full history of the Ethereum blockchain.

Accessible to experts and beginners alike.

Blockchain Reporting

Ethereum Network Health

Network health monitor


Monitor the Ethereum network's key indicators, trends and events in one unified interface.

Deployable on Enterprise Ethereum protocols.


Ethereum Data Analytics

Decentralized Exchange Analytics


Explore real-time market information and trading activities across Ethereum’s decentralized exchanges.


Open Finance Analytics

Alethio DeFi Dashboards

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a graph is worth a thousand pictures.

Get in touch to see your protocol added!

Alethio DeFi Dashboards

Ethereum Data Analytics Resources


Monitoring User Activity & Community Growth

This piece provides detailed data for the unusual volume of MakerDAO CDP opening and refreshed view of user community of major DeFi protocols.


Analyzing Activities on Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges will usher in a new way of seamlessly, instantly, and securely trading crypto-assets. In this piece, we provided a summary of DEXs' mechanism and series of visualizations around DEXs' user growth.


Ethereum 2.0 Terms Demystified

Beacon Chain? Slots? Shards? Validators? Bite-sized explainers of the most used terms in relation to Eth2/Serenity.