Alethio Block Explorer

Advanced Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

Explore immediate, real-time, on-chain data with Alethio's powerful block explorer.

Alethio's elastic search allows users to search by address, smart contract, token name, or company name to observe recent activity, token holdings, and security call outs.

Alethio Explorer

Blockchain Explorer

  • View real time data of blocks, transactions and account balances
  • View transactions, internal transactions and contract messages
  • Filter transactions from a given account or a given block
  • Decoded transaction function calls and log events.
  • Data visualization for transactions and internal transactions, account interaction graphs
  • ERC20 tokens and ERC721 tokens support
  • Search and view contract data (source code, ABIs etc.)

Why the Alethio Block Explorer

Rigorous Data Consistency

Trustworthy and consistent data is integral to the Alethio platform and block explorer. We developed Coriolis, an ongoing pipeline supervisor, to ensure our information remains up-to-date and reorg-proof.

Robust, Intuitive Visualizations

Our block explorer provides original visualizations of on-chain events so users can more holistically understand the activities of and interactions between addresses, smart contracts, and platforms.

Lite Explorer

Lite Explorer

The Alethio Lite Explorer is an open-source block explorer available on mainnet and a variety of Ethereum testnets. The Lite Explorer allows you to have your own private Ethereum Explorer. No need for servers, hosting or trusting any third parties to display chain data.