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Dig up historical data with Alethio's Ethereum reporting platform.

Pull robust, visual reports with synthesized, indexed data. Understand the history of Ethereum and make more informed decisions based on meaningful on-chain activity and analysis.

Blockchain Reporting

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All data is sourced from a full historical archive of the Ethereum blockchain.

Endless Possibilities

Including network health, token movement, address activity, defi performance, security information, and more, there is little that Alethio Reporting cannot do.

Explore the available reports and start digging into the history of Ethereum.

Blockchain Reporting
Blockchain Reporting

Reporting Case Study: Decentralized Finance

The main use case for the Ethereum blockchain has so far been the exchange of digital tokens.

For example, a sample analysis of MKR token transfer activities can reveal the mechanisms by which the The Maker DAO governs itself as a decentralized autonomous organization.

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