Alethio Monitoring Tool

Ethereum Blockchain Monitoring

Set and receive alerts for specific activity on the Ethereum network.

Make informed, immediate decisions based on meaningful, real-time, on-chain activity.

Blockchain Monitoring

Why Monitor Ethereum?

Responding to on-chain blockchain activity in a timely way is difficult, leaving users, developers, and investors unable to make immediate informed decisions. Alethio's Monitoring tool allows users to set and receive alerts specific to any on-chain address, activity, or function.

The Problem

The Ethereum blockchain processes a growing number of transactions every day across a fast expanding ecosystem. As the network grows in complexity, keeping up with on-chain activity becomes more difficult, and users are less able to respond to important events in a timely manner.

The Solution

Alethio's Monitoring tool empowers users to automate their observation of the blockchain. Instead of manually searching addresses and contracts to determine if particular activities occurred, Monitoring users can establish parameters and, when met, receive alerts on desktop and mobile.

Getting Started

Set up an account with Alethio and set alerts for whatever type of activity or account you're curious to learn more about. View all alerts in one dashboard and modify your parameters or add new alerts whenever you want.

Blockchain Monitoring

Blockchain Monitoring Use Cases

  • Smart Contract Security: Set alerts modeled around typical behavior of smart contracts and receive alerts the moment things go awry.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Track the activity of wallets and smart contracts associated with key competitors to proactively understand critical developments.
  • Key Account Monitoring: Watch key wallets and smart contracts associated with whales, centralized exchanges, and large token holders to proactively understand market dynamics.
  • User Adoption & Engagement: Track changes in smart contract activity to measure the impact of product releases and updates on user engagement.

Blockchain Monitoring Tutorial

Blockchains store data in ways most apps find difficult to access. Our API gives you a robust and reliable way to query synthesized, indexed Ethereum data in real-time via a JSON:API compliant REST interface.

Our Offering

Alethio's Ethereum Monitoring tool is free to use. Set up an account with Alethio and start creating alerts instantly.

For implementations on private chains or functionality that is not currently available on our public tool, contact us for more information and pricing.

Personal use


  • Add up to 5 addresses
  • Set up to 5 alerts
  • Mainnet support
  • DeFi Monitoring limited to one product (Coming soon)

Premium solutions


  • Unlimited addresses
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Private chain deployment
  • DeFi Monitoring unlimited (Coming soon)